Technical Background
I took beginning & advanced B&W photography in my last year of high school 1972 to 1973. After high school I went to East Los Angeles City Collage to continue my photography education with advanced B&W techniques. And through the collage work bulletin found a job working for the Los Angeles Hall of Administration developing and printing B&W film and prints for the county supervisors. While shooting human interest and shooting a variety of different types and styles of photography images on my time. I transferred to L.A.C. U.S.C. Medical Center where I developed transparency film for the doctors, and Kept the chemicals in proper balance for perfect film development. 1975 I took classes at Pasadena City Collage. My instructor was a retired fashion photographer giving us assignments to distinguish high fashion from low fashion remembering back I was a week late with my assignment but because I had done such a excellent job doing my assignment I got an "A" for my assignment. I moved to Pasadena Police Dept. where I was there technical information. Instructing the police investigators how to properly use a camera while out in the field. Only when they needed my technical experience and knowledge, was I use out in the field. Photographing murder scenes for forensic detail. My technical knowledge also extends into the movie industry developing movie film, but its fashion photography that I truly love.

Where my fashion photography began
It was 1983 where I began to shoot fashion photography, and found that this was what I truly enjoyed shooting. I studied fashion magazines studying how the images were taken. Studying the lighting, poses, attitudes and expressions of the models to improve my images, Fashion photography became my way of life. 1984 was where I was introduced and collaborated with a modeling agency (International Model Management). They saw the photographic talent I had and became their in-house photographer. Photographing all of their new and experienced talent for their portfolios. And in the process teaching the models how to improving their posing, expressions and their attitudes while in front of the camera.

Where my photographic interests started
I started when I was a pre teen when I knew that I enjoyed photography at the age of 12, I bought a 127 format camera. To today standards it would be equal to a point and shoot. But with film larger than a 35mm with approximately 10 exposures. It was a cheap type camera but it kept my interests into my mid teens shooting everything in site. Being B&W film it was easy to purchase film. It was when I reach high school needing art credits for my senior year I choose photography as my art. Being that my uncle did photography as a hobby, I asked if I could borrow one of his cameras for school. He, without hesitation handed me one of his 35mm cameras. It was a Mamya 35mm.

Professional Credits
I've worked with magazines or had work published in. ELLE Magazine, DYSONNA Magazine, L.A. Style, Latina Magazine, California Man, Fetish Magazine. Working with modeling agencys, LA Models, Otto, Cunningham Escott, International Model Management. Working with designers David Zaro, EFUI Apparel, Exquisite Designs, Edgar Rodarte Couture, shooting fashion shows at the Fashion Mart Los Angeles. Eric Hann Jewelry designs photographing their cataloge of high end jewery. Cotton Heritage a sport company dealing with sport clothing. Also working and having my fine art photography represented by Furgusons Fine arts. Doing Gallery shows throughout the Los Angeles area.

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